Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One Month Old!

Mollie is one month old as of yesterday. It's kindof sad to think that she is not really a newborn anymore, but it has been fun to watch her change in the past month. When Stu came home from his camping trip, after just one night, he thought she looked so much bigger! I hadn't really noticed, but yesterday she wore a hat that was WAY too big when we put it on her in the hospital. She is still in her newborn sized clothes though. I try not to say that I "can't wait" for things, and just enjoy the stage she's in, but I can't wait for her to be able to wear the next size because she has so many cute things! This is one of my favorite newborn outfits..
She already has so much personality and so many facial expressions. Her eyebrows are probably her most expressive feature. Sometimes she has them furrowed...
...and other times she has them raised.She makes a lot of eye contact and can follow things with her eyes. She spends a lot more time awake and happy just hangin' out with Mama and Daddy, and shes starting to like her swing and bouncer more. Also, she's really good at holding her head up. She started trying right after she was born and could do it for a few seconds, but now she's a pro...


  1. Oooh, Caitlin,
    That sweet little Mollie! Thank you so much for posting pictures of her. That helps me keep up. Y'all are always in my heart.
    Love you,

  2. likkle mokkie!!!! aghhh i already miss her. i guess Jazmin and I will just have to have one. haha just joking. for now at least. love yall, tell Stu hello and i miss him. peace - Ben and Jaz

  3. Hi Caitlin,
    Mollie does look strong, not only physically but she looks like she will have a strong personality. It looks like her personality is bginning to emerge in her little expressions. She looks just like me...no, wait, she still looks just like you! Beautiful. Have a wonderful day and give her a big kiss and hug from her old Ganny. Tell her that I love her and sing her a song for me. Linda

  4. Don't they get big to fast!! She is so pretty I can hardly stand it! Let my dad know I will be waiting for some tickets to come see her! HAHA, right. I miss you all squeeze that baby for me!!