Friday, August 21, 2009


Here are a bunch of pictures I took of Mollie today. The room with the best lighting in our house is my parents room so that is where I took most of them. Plus, this is where Mollie does a lot of her tummy time and practices rolling over. Up until about a week ago Mollie didn't really like doing tummy time for more than a minute but ever since I started "practicing her rolls" with her by rolling her from side to side and then onto her tummy, she will stay on her stomach forever just looking at her toys and reaching for them, and then sometimes she'll roll back onto her back. I knew we weren't doing enough tummy time and was worried that she'd never learn to crawl! But I can already tell by the way she kicks her legs and tries to get to her toys that she is eager to start moving!

Last but not least, here is a video of Mollie and a little message from Stu..


  1. Caitlin,
    I am sorry. How dooo you do it?...where is Stuart's tooth. Geez!

  2. ...and further more....where is Stuarts hair?!.-(*&*(&^%&^%&^^(*

  3. Hi!!! this is Jazmin, thanks for putting more pictures because lately, i was checking your blog waiting to see more about Mollie, so in the morning Ben showed me that you have new pics, i enjoyed a lot how she is growing up, so cute!!!!!

  4. Hey Caitlin, she is sooo cute! I would be more than happy to come over and take some pictures of Molly if you would like. I have been working on some really cute props that I think you would like and I also need the practice. So let me know, I have 3 maybe 4 weeks left, but the sooner the better.

  5. Mollie has grown in the last 2 weeks. And she's doing really good at holding things now.