Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mollie's First Christmas

Here are some pictures from Mollie's first Christmas. Even though she's only (almost) 8 months old, and didn't really understand Christmas, I think she liked it..

Opening presents was natural for her since she loves to rip up paper, especially magazines...

My parents got Mollie a very special present for her first Christmas..

A rocking horse...

The same rocking horse they gave me on my first Christmas. It's not the exact same one, they found this one on Ebay, but it is one from 1988, the year I was born.

Here's another picture from my first Christmas..

...and one from Mollie's. Do you think she looks like me?

We were all suprised at how well she could stay balanced on it, and she figured out how to rock. I think she knows she looks pretty cool on her new "ride"...


  1. Caitlin! Mollie looks so much like you when you were a baby! Its so cool that she has the same rocking horse! I'm so glad Mollie had a great first christmas!

  2. What a neat gift! I think she looks a lot like you since she's filled out some.

  3. Darling pictures Caitlin. Mollie looks just like you. She has such a sassy little spirit in her pictures. I love it. Thank you so much for posting these. I love them.