Wednesday, March 17, 2010

20 Minute Skirt

The dress-up theme for MOPS today was to match your kid(s). I don't have many clothes that look like Mollie's clothes so I thought we'd probably just wear jeans and white shirts but then I remembered this skirt and that I had fabric left from it so I decided to make a little skirt for Mollie since she needs some more dresses and skirts anyway.
I knew it wouldn't take very long but it literally only took 15-20 minutes. I was able to do it while Stu gave Mollie a bath and got her dressed. You just cut a rectangle of fabric twice as wide and about 4 inches inches longer than you want the finished skirt to be. Next, you sew in the side seam. To make the hem, fold the bottom of the skirt under one inch, then fold it under another inch, and sew the hem. Do the same at the top to make the casing for the waistband, except leave about an inch unsewn so that you can put in the elastic. Insert the elastic into the opening using a safety pin to help you guide it through the casing and out through the other side of the opening. Sew the ends of the elastic together, and sew the opening shut. If any of that didn't make since, and you want to try and make a skirt, let me know and I can show you!
Can you see that she has a plug in her hand? She knows how to unplug things by jiggling the plug and even says "no" while she's doing it.


  1. You two are just sooo cute in those matching skirts. Are you and/or your mom scrapbooking all these neat things you are making? I wish I had a picture of every dress I made for your mom. I remember making a few for you, also, Caitlin. Those were happy days. Now happy days is my seeing what you and Mollie are doing.
    Love you,

  2. Cute! I remember thinking this morning how cute you two looked but didn't get to say it!

  3. So cute! Wow! What a good idea. She seems to be able to get around in it just fine too. Perfect. :)

  4. Very cute look! And Mollie does like standing on one leg, doesn't she?