Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chili Willi Day

Here are some pictures of Mollie from Chili Willi day this year. This was the 3rd annual Chili Willi day at our church, where everyone dresses up like cowboys/girls, there is a chili cookoff and pie contest, and the auditorium is set up like an old Western town with games, a bank, jail, general store, etc.

Hugging her horse..

and kissing it...


  1. Hey! I loved these pictures! Mollie is such a cute little cowgirl. The ole cowboy holding her in a couple of them is right handsome, too, don't you think? Ha Pete is such a good granddaddy, isn't he? I can just tell by looking at them that he loves her sooo much.

  2. Darling pictures of all of you. I hope you all had fun. Love you,