Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mollie's Scenes

I posted some of these pictures on facebook, but there are a few more I want to share. Mollie got this Little People farm set from my parents for Christmas this past year and she loves it! It can keep her entertained for a long time, and I love seeing her pretend with all of the characters. It's like I can see into her mind! She calls the farm "teeny tiny", because she has a book that we read every night before bedtime called "The Teeny Tiny Farm".

Here is a common scene (below). She is pretending that the sheep is trying to take the carrot from the girl. How do I know? Because she kept holding them together yelling "Take it!", which is what she does when we have to take something away from her that she shouldn't have!

I got out a tub of some of my old dolls and stuffed animals for her to play with. I showed her how one of the doll's hands velcro together so she can pray, so ALL of them had to pray!

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  1. Oh Caitlin these pictures fill my heart with love. She is so darling. Her little smile is infectious. She is darling, beautiful and all that is wonderful. Thank you for posting these. I would love to see her soon.