Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter

I had a lot of fun picking things for Mollie's easter basket and getting it all set up.

The bunny I made. She was with me when I cut out all the pieces and embroidered the face, and liked arranging all of the pieces. But after I sewed it all together while she was napping, she wanted nothing to do with it! Luckily she likes it now that it's stuffed, and fell asleep tonight with it tucked in next to her.

I got Mollie really excited about wearing this dress and her new "easter" shoes..

Inspecting her basket..

Wearing a new headband.. She loves to kindof "dress up", so I got her some headbands, barrettes, a bracelet, and Winnie the Pooh socks, and she loved them all!

Showing me her new book..

A few pictures at church..

She took a nice long nap (3 hours!) after church. As you can see she didn't want to take off her dress. I ended up having to wake her up so we could go eat dinner at my parents' house!

Being silly with Uncle Ben..

We had a delicious ham dinner and this cake my mom made!


  1. Caitlin, I looks like you had so much fun creating all of these things for Mollie and she had so much fun being the recipient of your efforts. She looks so beautiful in her little Easter dress and the little bunny is darling. The cake your mother made is also just adorable. I wish Stuart could have been there to share these moments with you. Thank you for being such an amazing mother. I love you.