Friday, April 8, 2011

Preparing for Easter

I feel so much more excited for Easter this year than I did last year, I guess because Mollie is a year older and will be able to enjoy getting an easter basket, and hunting for eggs! I picked her out a bunch of stuff for her easter basket from the $1 aisle of Target. I can definately see how some parents can spoil their kids, it's easy to want to buy everything because there are so many things you know your kid would love! Luckily it was the $1 aisle so I spent less than $10. I started on Mollie's easter dress yesterday and I loooooove it! The fabric is "swiss dot", which is a pretty soft and thin, summery fabric, with little raised polka dots all over it. The fabric just seemed perfect for spring. I used the same pattern I did for this dress, but using a different sleeve from the pattern. I also used white piping on the sleeves, yoke, and I'll put it on the hem of the dress too. Can't wait to see her in it!

In case you didn't see the link I posted on facebook, I'm going to make one of these bunnies for Mollie. Here is the tutorial for it, they have a pattern for an even simpler one too!

Lastly, here is the dress I want to make for me for Easter. I looked at all the fabric at Joann's yesterday but couldn't decide on anything! Anyone have any advice? Should I do a print or solid? What color(s) would look good?


  1. love the dress! and maaaan dont you just love the target $1 isle!! haha

  2. I bet Mollie will really like Easter! As far as your dress, a spring print is always pretty. But you could go with a solid and then do a little jacket in a print.