Monday, August 22, 2011

A Brand New Blog

I finally decided to rename my blog (since I no longer have just Mollie), and decided to go ahead and change the url too. I wanted a new name that was similar, simple, and having to do with my two girls so I decided on "My Little Women". I call them lots of things besides their names, and "little woman" is one of them.

So, from now on I won't be posting on, but here on

The cool thing is, I was able to import all of my posts from My Mollie Doll to the new address. I hope this doesn't confuse anybody! If you have my blog listed on your blog list to see when I have new posts, you'll have to update it to the new address to keep getting updates, but I'll still be posting all of my posts on Facebook too. I hope you come check it out!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2 Months Old

Delia is two months old today. She is smiling now and is awake much more. She is still happy and laid-back during most of her awake time, and is content to lay on the floor for a while. She has rolled over back onto her back during tummy time a couple times, but I think it will be a while until she is interested in rolling onto her belly! She is still loving being carried in the sling, and likes to be held sitting upright. I think when she can sit up on her own, she will spend a lot of time just sitting and watching us. The novelty of having a new baby sister isn't wearing off yet for Mollie, she still loves to watch Delia and be affectionate with her. I'm looking forward to watching Delia start to interact back in the next few months!

Art With Mollie

I mentioned in my "crafty to-do list" that I wanted to do more arts/crafts with Mollie. Last week I went to Joanns and bought all of these craft supplies. I got: washable paint, a paintbrush, scissors, glue, construction paper, foam shapes with sticky backs, googly eyes, and a wooden princess mask and flower thing for her to color.
On Saturday she painted for the first time.
 Here is her creation, with some owls she had me paint.

 While she paint, I cut out the body, nose, and legs of this owl. I got the idea here from a blog called Meet the Dubiens. This mom has tons of arts/craft ideas to do with your kids, and a series called "fun food fridays" where she makes themed lunches, like this. Anyways, after I cut the pieces out, I let Mollie put glue on them and told her where to glue them, then painted her hands and made the "wings".

Here is another handprint craft from Meet the Dubiens that I want to make soon, and put on the wall in Mollie's room:

Do you do crafts with your kids? If so, where do you get ideas?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hatcher Pass

Mollie loved exploring at Hatcher Pass today. She's finally to the age where we can "let her free" and she will stay close to us.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Love My Big Baby

Mollie was a very skinny baby. She spit up what seemed like non-stop during the first few months, and because we used a "nipple shield" for a while to help with her latch, I don't think she was getting as much milk as she could have without it. When we would go out, people would assume she was a newborn, and some even asked if she had been a preemie! After a few months we were able to stop using the nipple shield and she stopped spitting up, and she plumped right up. I hated those comments because it made me feel like I was doing something wrong. Watching Delia grow so quickly has made be so happy, and I'm enjoying having a big baby this time around!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Caught A Smile

Like most babies, Delia has been smiling in her sleep from the beginning, but in the last week she's started smiling at us! It's so nice to affirm that she actually likes us.

She's smiling up at me in this one. I had to hold the camera off to the side and hope I got her in the picture. She's got the funniest little smile, I have no idea who she gets it from.
 I absolutely love the blanket she's laying on. A lady from church made it, and all of the little "popcorn" stitches on it make it so soft. It's the perfect padding for our wood floor.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tummy Time

Mollie is enthusiastic about joining in on "tummy time" with Delia..
She usually ends up like this after few minutes!
                                                               Mollie's such a good big sister.