Tuesday, February 2, 2010

9 Months Old

The last month has been a big month of learning for Mollie! Last month she started crawling and standing up next to furniture, but now she is "cruising"(walking while holding onto furniture) all around the room and she can crawl very fast. I think she thinks she is invincible though because she tries to crawl right off of the bed. She can crawl up the stairs and onto things up to a foot or so high, like the ottoman to our glider, or onto the door of the dishwasher when it's down. Sometimes when she's holding onto something she'll let go and stand independently for a while. A few times she has even taken a step before losing her balance. Another big thing for Mollie this month has been imitatation. She has a few things that she does with her mouth (clicking her tongue, clearing her throat, and smacking her lips) that she will do if we start doing them. She imitates me when we play peekaboo by holding the blanket over her face and bringing it down really fast. She has also learned to wave and say "Hi". She looooooves the cats, and loves to follow them around and touch them. She's not very gentle with them though! She talks to them in a high voice and in the past week she has started to say "Kee", which we are pretty sure is "Kitty"!

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  1. Boy!..she is really developing quickly. I can't believe how active at this age. I will bet she will be walking within the month. She is just adorable. She looks so very happy...and that makes me happy!