Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Clothes For New Baby

I'm on a roll embellishing onesies for our new baby! It is so easy, fast, cheap, and rewarding to make these!
This is one of Mollie's old plain pink onesies with crocheted lace trim...

I bought a 5-pack of plain white onesies and some trims at Joann's today and made these next four...
Mini pom-pom trim and lace...

Scrap fabric, eyelet lace, and pearl trim that I hand-stitched on in between every few pearls...
I dyed this one with RIT fabric dye..
I dyed this one too using this tutorial..


  1. These are all adorable; especially the one with pearls. She'll be such a well-dressed baby!

  2. Hey, Caitlin, These little onsies are just so lovely! You are so creative with these. Expressing this must give you such a satisfied feeling. You are using your talent! The one with the it!!

  3. These are so cute! Congratulations on the pregnancy. I'm clearly behind on your blog. I loved looking back at the sono pictures. They were so neat! Happy and Healthy pregnancy to you!