Friday, March 11, 2011


Last Sunday, a lady from church who is moving to the lower 48 gave me an unexpected, and extremely useful gift! Sewing supplies that she was getting rid of!

Storage containers! This will be awesome because my HUGE fabric stash is all in one big storage container so I have to really dig through it to find things.

Another storage container full of fabric: flannel, some solid cotton and cotton in baby prints, gingham, and fleece.

Fold-over elastic, lingerie elastic, and elastic lace. All of this is used in making underwear but I've also seen it used to make baby headbands! I think you can use it kindof like bias tape too.

Yards and yards of eyelet lace, I love this stuff, there are so many ways you can use it to embellish things!

Lots of colors of regular lace. The lady that gave me this stuff didn't even know that I've been using lace to embellish onesies!

Blanket binding, bias tape, and piping..

..and TONS of buttons!!!! I don't think I'll ever have to make a trip to Joann's just for buttons again!

I am SO thankful that she chose me to give all of this stuff to!


  1. that is awesome!!!! have fun with all of that!!

  2. I can't believe their moving - we're gonna have to plan a trip to visit those two. And how nice, and she couldn't have choose a better person for those to go to!